Road Trip in the Westfjords

221km driving to cover 78km as the puffin flies!

From Ísafjörður on our way to Hólmavik we stopped to take photos of the many fjords, seals, and rainbows! Private Buckle was of course along for the ride. This day we kept driving in and out of the rain as we wound our way through the Westfjords region. You can see in some of the pictures that it was raining in the distance. This made great conditions for a few different rainbows!

After our day in Hólmavik we backtracked to the Gvendarlaug Hot Springs and Hótel Laugerhóll where we enjoyed yet another soak and our only night camping away from the sea. It was a change since the wind was way down and everything was that much more calm and quiet.

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