After the road trip from Ísafjörður we got to Hólmavik to visit the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft (necropants!) which is worth the stop. Right after, we grabbed dinner down the street. Then we explored a bit and hiked up and over the hills above town. We ran out of trail at the top of a steep hillside but Becca blazed us a trail down and we popped back into town on the opposite end from our start.

This was our last day in the Westfjords and the end of this trip. We drove back to Reykjavik, spending another day there and another night at our very generous friends’ house (thanks again Magnus and Hjörtur!) before heading home. On the last night in the city we met up with new friend Edda and she took us swimming one last time. Nauthólsvík Beach has a natural hot tub, steam room, and also a beach. Edda talked Becca into the actual sea for a minute or so. I stuck to the lagoon which, due to low tide, was only about 10C. While plenty cold, it was much warmer than the seawater was. I preferred the steam room and hot tub!

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