Victoria Falls

Becca and I arrived in Victoria Falls with a place to stay and no plans. We discovered on arrival that due to the recent coup in Zimbabwe the banks were all closed and the ATM’s were empty. Nobody seemed very stressed out about it so we just figured we’d find a way to make the few Rand we had left from Johannesburg stretch for three days. We just had to limit our eating to places that took cards.

On arrival at our (stinky, unfortunately) cabin in the Zambezi National Park, our host connected us with a friend (and source of kickbacks, I’m sure) who promptly corrected our lack of plans. Pretty came out to our cabin and told us to stop wandering down by the river where we would definitely be eaten by crocodiles. Then she booked us on a whitewater rafting day and a safari that was half on the river! This seemed fine to us since we’d already had a bottle of wine.

Here’s Victoria Falls and a monkey! Next up is the safari day.

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