Cape Town

Cape Town is a fun, busy, easy city to visit. I will be going back, and soon.

I’m not really sure what to write about the city or about South Africa in general. I’m still a little overwhelmed with how great a time we had and how lucky we are to be able to go. We did a lot, but not nearly everything. Not nearly enough.

We didn’t venture as far from the touristy sphere as I would have liked. Cape Town is still a very racially and economically divided place – it’s not that different from Minneapolis, I guess. I would have liked to have gotten further outside our comfort zone, but that will be easier to do next time. I want to visit a township but somehow do that outside of an organized tour group. I’m not sure how to make that happen.

I can prattle on at length about our trip and how great it was, but that would make for a boring post. It’s better to do that over beers.

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